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Miami's Jet Ski Shop is a unique, rider-based company committed
to offering high quality personal watercraft service, performance parts. Huge range of Sea-Doo , Yamaha , Kawasaki , Honda Watercrafts. Quality Used Skis, Rebuilt Engines & Parts , Accessories, after sales service, repairs and Everything you need to Tun Up your Jetski ...

We specialize in proven performance modifications.

Everything you need to Tune Up your Jetski

ECU Reflasing & Tuning

Re manufactured Engines * Watercraft Parts *

ECU Reprogramming Service

Unlock the full potential of your watercraft with our ECU Reprogramming Service

Please specify your modifications and performance goals. We will program your ECU with the correct tune from our library.

Upgraded tuning parameters:

» Increased RPM limit

» Remove speed limiters

» Remove throttle restrictions

» Improved fuel maps

» Improved ignition timing maps

» Improved throttle control & reaction

Whether you're a seasoned jet skier looking for new equipment or performance parts to enhance your current machine, or a new rider seeking assistance to get your first std going.

Miami Jetski Shop has you covered , performance is our nature ...


We will discuss your goals with you and share our extensive international racing experience to give you the best outcome. All Skis are inspected for general health before any modifications are commended.

If you are planning on Jet Ski Racing we can give you all the assistance you need to get started. We have a beginners training course to guide you on all you need to know to get started. Pre-race servicing and post race check ups are a must to keep your Ski performing at it’s best while protecting it from unnecessary wear and tear. So if your planning on Adventure Riding, Racing, or a Family day on the water, let us keep your Ski reliable and safe so nothing gets in the way of the Fun! Reflashing Sea Doo Spark tune-We can transfter 10HP(Childrens) 60 Hp - 90 Hp -110 Hp-115 HP- 120 Hp ECU Reflasing & Tuning - Call Today- Spark Tune

TUNE 8350 RP, - 87KM/H -110 HP

TUNE 83575 IBP, - Sport Mode

TUNE Stage II 8900 RPM , 92KM/H

TUNE TUNE 8350 RPM, 87KM/H -110 HP

E85 Fuel , Sport Mode

TUNE 2500 RPM , 10HP , Standar Fuel Sport Mode For Children's

TUNE 8500 rpm