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Tune-Up Service

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Time for a Tune Up?

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  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Oil & Filter Replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Check/ Clear Any Hoses
  • Check Fluids / Battery Load Test
  • Local Pickup Available Call Today

Tune Up Special Includes

Same Day Service Available - Local Pickup Available Call Today
(305) 316-4836 Pick Up (786) 683-1347
Gel Coat and Hull Repair Services Available Onsite:
Conveniently located near the US1 and 129 terrace
( 8510 SW 129 Th terrace , Miami Fl 33156 )
We Offer Pick Up & Delivery services !
( ​Repair in our shop ** Mobile services available **)

  • Spark Plug Replacement

  • Fuel Filter Replacement

  • Oil Filter Replacement

  • Check/ Clear Any Hoses
  • Battery Load Test
  • Impeller Replacement (Additional Charge)
  • Visual Inspection for any Additional Needed Repairs


Yamaha ( FX 1100 cc )

  • Yamaha ( FX 1100 cc )

Kawasaki Jetskis

  • Kawasaki Tune Up

Yamaha VX - EX (2005-2018)

  • Yamaha VX - EX (2005-2018)

Yamaha SHO-SVHO-1.8 HO

  • Yamaha SHO-SVHO-1.8 HO

Sea doo Sparks

  • Sea Doo Sparks

Sea doo 4-TEC

  • Sea doo 4-TEC

Sea doo 2 Stroke engines

  • Sea doo 2 Stroke engines

Yamaha 2 Stroke Engines

  • Yamaha 2 Stroke Engines

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